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Constable Mark Herman

If you plan to vote in the Republican Primary March 1, 2016, please be advised that the Sensible Solution Committee (SSC) is endorsing the candidacy of Mark Herman in his campaign for re-election.

We are endorsing Mark Herman because he is the incumbent and the Precinct Four Constables Office has always provided our community excellent service. By supporting his campaign, we perhaps ensure ourselves such service going forward. Additionally, we feel we are in good company as the Lieutenant Governor, our local State Representatives, the Humble & Tomball Mayors, the County Judge, County Commissioners, the Sheriff, and all the rest of the long list of folks/dignitaries along with area law enforcement organizations like COPS, HPOU, HCDO have also endorsed Constable Herman!

If you would consider placing a Mark Herman sign in your yard, please respond with your name and address. Campaign volunteers will place the sign in your yard and then will come by and remove the sign after the election.

We appreciate your support!

For the SSC......
Susan English
Bob Garlington
Gregg Mielke
Ed Miller
Mike Raney

*The Sensible Solutions Committee is a group of five concerned Atascocita residents that formed originally in 2012 for the purpose of finding an acceptable community solution to the closure of the former Atascocita Country Club golf course. The SSC continues to become involved from time to time in important community matters.