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Primary Goals & Objectives

Connecting with the Community

On May 19, 2015, after I was unanimously voted in as the new Pct 4 Constable by Commissioner's Court. One of my main objectives was to reach out to our employees and the citizens of our precinct to assure them that my 30 year tenure here at the Constable office, working under both Constable Dick Moore and Constable Ron Hickman has prepared me to provide continued leadership to the department and the communities in which we serve. The tradition of community based policing will allow us to implement innovative and progressive law enforcement strategies while leading the community, local government and employees in providing the best and most cost effective police services possible. Public Safety will be my number 1 priority. I will be a Constable that is easily accessible to our constituents and employees, and will maintain a high degree organizational professionalism.

Traffic Safety & Improved Mobility

Safety on our roadways is another priority. The population within Precinct 4 is exploding. With this growth we have seen an increase in traffic accidents and congestion problems. I will implementing programs to aid in the traffic mobility within our precinct to ease congestion, hazards, and incidents on our roadways. If you are aware of potentially hazardous traffic problem such as roadway condition or problems with traffic violations, please contact our department and let us know by calling us at 281-376-3472 or submitting the issue online through the Department's website.

Transparency & Accountability

Transparency and accountablity mutually reinforce one another. As your Constable, I have the duty to act visibily, predictably, and in a manner that is reasonable and understandable. I will endeavor to keep the public informed of what is happening in our community and what we are doing to keep our community safe. We will be improving the methods by which we keep the public informed through increased news and social media releases as well a new and improved internet presence.

Operational Efficiency

We run a lean and efficient operation at the Precinct 4 Constable's Office. We strive to deliver our services to the citizens of Harris County in the most cost-effective manner possible while still ensuring the safety and protection of the community. We look at the return on investment prior to implementing new strategies or conducting specialized operations. Planning, preparation, and effective management are the keys to our success in becoming the premier Constable's office in the nation.